Silver Blimp Line

For a long time we have been searching for good envelope materials. Strong, light weight, good helium retention and good sealing capabilities were in the focus. 
Today we are happy to provide you a new range of airships, based on such a material! Enjoy a beautiful set of envelopes all readily made to your order.

Naming convention:   [SB]-[LIFT]-[LENGTH]
For more details have a look at the datasheet, available for each silver blimp line envelope.

Filling the Envelope

Insert lifting gas till the envelope is under nice pressure and the wrinkles just start to dissapear. The surface is shiny as a mirror. That´s the right pressure!
Fold the filling tube several times and close it with a clip.

Applying too much pressure

Here we show the actual strength of the envelopes material and seams.
Don´t do that at home!