RACEBASE envelope red


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RACEBASE: The robust standard envelope for airship races and beautiful streamlined lighter than air prototypes in red. Volume of 360 L.

RACEBASE Dimensions:

Length:      2.9 m
Diameter:  0.5 m
Volume:    360 L
Weight:     210 g

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Dimensions are estimates and alter slightly with filling pressure and production variance.


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Two gore envelope produced from robust Nylon/Polyethylen multilayer material by heat welding. Filling tube in lower front section, with closing clip included. Estimated lift of >150 g using helium at sea level.
These envelope types are used in model airships like the silent_runner

Created with the Gertler Shape Generator after J. Eissing.

When using the envelope be aware of:
- Sharp things
- Hot things
- Large temperature differences
- Wind

But yes, it´s so strong you can sit on it. If carefully deflated and folded after usage, these envelopes can last for many years.

20200403 Long Term Outdoor Test Protocol